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When we serve others we begin on our journey to self-fulfillment.

To be significant – what does it take?

A coach of 22 years, Ronald Chapman wrote in a recent copy of Toastmaster: Nothing of significance can be born without major discomfort and disruption. Read it again! I recently asked a group of people what they thought their life … Continue reading

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Look at what you have done

You are not powerless. Perhaps you are choosing to do nothing. People around me are moaning about the state of the country. Social media are blaring out non-stop negativity about how bad everything is. Hate, crime, violence, xenophobia – it’s … Continue reading

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Madiba, Rest In Peace

Nelson Mandela 1918 – 2013 The memorial service for Nelson Mandela took place yesterday. Many fitting and memorable moments of the day will help us to revere Mandela as the great man he was. ┬áIn August 2007 my family and … Continue reading

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A colourless citizen

I am a Colourless Citizen born on 20/08/1963 A Guest Post by David Fincham I live in a Rainbow Nation. I go unnoticed. I am a Colourless Citizen. I was not born into a colourless World. I am not a … Continue reading

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The Perfect Murder

It was still dark. We huddled together drinking coffee and dunking rusks, not talking much. Following a signal from our leader, we set off. The two uniformed men led the way, their rifles slung casually over their shoulders. The rest … Continue reading

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