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Preparation prevents in-coordination

My whole life I’ve never been good at co-ordination. I function fine  – but I do have to think before I say Left or Right! Dancing was not my forte. Sports was never an arena for excellence. Even exercise can … Continue reading

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To be significant – what does it take?

A coach of 22 years, Ronald Chapman wrote in a recent copy of Toastmaster: Nothing of significance can be born without major discomfort and disruption. Read it again! I recently asked a group of people what they thought their life … Continue reading

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Shhh, don’t tell anyone

When I teach goal setting in prisons, which I do about 10 times a year, I am acutely aware that inmates already know how to set goals. After all, planning a crime includes all the steps to goal setting – … Continue reading

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The Little Frog

My son had been fixing up the ponds and streams in our garden. As  he was tidying up, he noticed a frog hopping along our boundary wall. “Let me rescue this little frog”,  he thought, “before the dog catches it.” … Continue reading

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Remember what happened last December?

A reminder popped up on my phone this morning. (Wonderful things reminders!) It said I should go and read my blog post from January. I wonder why? Curiosity got the better of me and so I did. Read it here. … Continue reading

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Avoid these misunderstandings about living a meaningful life.

Clients come to see me with specific goals in mind: I want to get promoted OR I want to improve my relationships OR I want to find a partner OR I want to manage my finances better OR I want … Continue reading

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You’ve got it all wrong.

The rewards of setting and achieving goals are not what you think. When I made a decision to study Applied Life Coaching in 2004, my goal (obviously!) was to pass. I would day dream about doing really well (I did) … Continue reading

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