To be significant – what does it take?

A coach of 22 years, Ronald Chapman wrote in a recent copy of Toastmaster:

Nothing of significance can be born
without major discomfort and disruption.

Read it again!

I recently asked a group of people what they thought their life purpose is.

The majority wanted to be significant in one way or another

They want to leave their mark on the world.

I found a life vision for myself through the Personal Growth Journal of Coaching Culture Clubs and the group coaching of Bryanston No 1 Coaching Culture Club.

A vision is just that, a picture. To become the significant person I envisage myself to be I have to expect ‘major discomfort and disruption’.

I find it rather ironic that I read this quote the day after telling everyone at Bryanston No 1 Coaching Culture Club that in order to achieve my vision I expect a lot of discomfort, but that I allow my saboteur to rule my life because I’m comfortable as I am right now.

How about you?

Have you answered the question for yourself: what is your life vision?

If you are not already living your life vision, do you have a picture – a vision – of what your life could look like?

How will you get there?

Post by JP Gernaat

Some journal questions to get you started.

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3 Responses to To be significant – what does it take?

  1. Olaf Eklund says:

    It is all too easy to live in your comfort zone without realising there is more to life. The saying “A rut is just a grave with the ends kicked out” comes to mind. I have done my time, so to speak, in Edinburgh, and now I am ready to get out of this rut and make my mark in a new job, a new company, a new environment.

  2. Tlhoiloe says:

    Read the post with excitement as if it is meant for me.I know my life vision but unfortunately I somehow feel stuck and I honestly do not know how to achieve it.

    • Kirsten Long says:

      Hi Tlhoiloe,

      Thanks for your comment. You’re well ahead of many people if you already have a vision for your life! Well done. I suggest coaching or joining a Coaching Culture Club to help you achieve your vision. I’ll send you more info.


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