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13 Sailing Lessons for Ladies

Sailing the Adriatic Sea was an awesome adventure. In honour of Woman’s Day I thought I’d share some lessons  learnt – from a woman’s perspective. Sailing Lessons for Ladies 1. Take an experienced sailor with you. Look, if you go … Continue reading

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Something’s Gotta Give

The stories you tell yourself about yourself have the ultimate impact on the way your life unfolds. The movie Something’s Gotta Give illustrates this so beautifully. Harry (Jack Nicholson) is a perennial bachelor who only dates women under thirty. Erica … Continue reading

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Perspectives from Prison

I’ve always worried about whether I should tell my story to the prisoners that I work with, or not. The team leader is adamant that I must. And so I do. Last week I realized the value of sharing this … Continue reading

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How long are you going to tolerate this?

I’d had enough. This was two years ago.  I could no longer put up with a messy bathroom. So I got stuck in on Saturday  emptied the cupboards, threw away old medicine and cosmetics, sorted and cleaned. Then I visited … Continue reading

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The Big “F” Word

Have you ever been tempted to blame your past for your current status? Its such an easy trap to fall into. Yet, it dis-empowers. One way to get around this is to look to others who have managed to overcome … Continue reading

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A SPANNER for Burnout

Judy is a fellow coach as well as a friend of mine. She has done a lot of work in the field of burnout and so I asked her to share some thoughts with us on the subject. Judy, tell … Continue reading

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Warning: 10 signs that your overwhelm is actually burnout.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your life? You don’t feel like you are coping; You’re not enjoying your life and you’re stressed about all the things you still have to do. This is a common phenomenon and can be … Continue reading

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How to shift out of overwhelm into productivity

Cancer and a mastectomy, death of a parent, marriage difficulties, teenage terrors – if you experienced all of the above in the space of a six-month period wouldn’t it be appropriate to feel overwhelmed? How about if three weeks ago you … Continue reading

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A Formula for Letting Go

Emotional pain arises from holding onto past issues. Letting go bring peace and contentment. How do you do that? Follow the 5 step formula below. Know this before you begin: you have to go through the process. You have to do … Continue reading

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Warning: Holding onto these ten things will stunt your growth

Holding onto issues keeps you stuck. You will live with emotional pain as long as you identify  with the problems/ issues of the past. Holding on is about believing in the past. Letting go is about moving on so you … Continue reading

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