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How to shift from destructive fear to constructive vulnerability

Thank goodness for our reptilian brain! It keeps us alive. When we are in danger the reptilian part of our brain is activated and we respond (without logic) by fleeing, freezing of fighting. I certainly appreciated this aspect of my … Continue reading

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The darker side of “Just in Case”

When I was young our family was devastated by the death of my sister. Watching the pain my parents went through was almost unbearable. One of the strange decisions I came to eventually was this: I would have lots of … Continue reading

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3 Steps to Build Resiliance

There are people in your life who survive hardship after hardship and come up smiling every time. You probably also know some people who seem unable to move on from difficult times. A family who are dear to my heart … Continue reading

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Just in case

Last week I got stuck into my pantry. The messiness had been driving me crazy. I decided – today was the day. I emptied all the shelves, then surveyed the kitchen counter. It was covered in hundreds of jars, bottles … Continue reading

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Emotional Nudity – do you need it?

  When you refuse to hide the real you behind a falsely created persona, you are practicing emotional nudity. Emotional nudity is being honest about who you are and what you are feeling – to yourself and to your partner … Continue reading

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Evidence is all you need

What is the one determinant that affects how successful you are in life? Or not? You might think its circumstances, like poverty or an unhappy home. However, there are enough examples of people who have risen successfully above their circumstances. … Continue reading

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Self-Help Ecstacy

Self-help books! I love them! I buy them! I devour them! As I read them this I get this ecstatic feeling, which I suspect has something to do with glimpsing a life that I could be living if I followed … Continue reading

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How to Turn Worrying into a Valuable Tool

I was an expert at worrying. Many of my clients are experts at worrying too. Which means that I really had to work on my worrying issue… Martha Beck gave me some useful insights. She describes the difference between dirty … Continue reading

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Look at what you have done

You are not powerless. Perhaps you are choosing to do nothing. People around me are moaning about the state of the country. Social media are blaring out non-stop negativity about how bad everything is. Hate, crime, violence, xenophobia – it’s … Continue reading

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Why defending yourself destroys your relationship…

Pam was feeling upset. She and Craig just had an argument. In fact, she was also feeling confused. She thought she was doing the right thing. He obviously didn’t. They’d been at a lunch with friends earlier. She was telling … Continue reading

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