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Fulfillment has nothing to do with material things. It is a feeling that comes from the types of actions you are taking on a daily basis.

Remember what happened last December?

A reminder popped up on my phone this morning. (Wonderful things reminders!) It said I should go and read my blog post from January. I wonder why? Curiosity got the better of me and so I did. Read it here. … Continue reading

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The darker side of “Just in Case”

When I was young our family was devastated by the death of my sister. Watching the pain my parents went through was almost unbearable. One of the strange decisions I came to eventually was this: I would have lots of … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Walk a Labyrinth

Many, many years ago I walked my first labyrinth. We wandered onto a farm in the Magaliesberg one Sunday whilst exploring the area. I had never seen a labyrinth before and was curious. There were no signs or instructions – … Continue reading

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The One gift to Give Yourself in 2014

Perhaps you have a deep yearning for a more meaningful and fulfilled life. When life gets busy, work is hectic, responsibilities are huge, you may often feel an emptiness inside and yet you are able to carry on regardless. The danger is … Continue reading

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Avoid these misunderstandings about living a meaningful life.

Clients come to see me with specific goals in mind: I want to get promoted OR I want to improve my relationships OR I want to find a partner OR I want to manage my finances better OR I want … Continue reading

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Two steps to your deepest desires

Many of my readers have reflected their deepest desires for 2013 out there in my previous post. It makes for fascinating reading – these desires reflect a range of human emotions – from deep pain, fear and hopelessness to ambition, … Continue reading

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