A Life Purpose is NOT essential

The internet has an abundance of sites on “How to find your Life Purpose“.

You will probably have heard that your life is not worth much if you have not worked out your Life Purpose.

Life Purpose is sold as this magical statement, once you have discovered it, unearthed it or created it, you will be on track and bursting with happiness from that moment forth.

And…. in small letters:

If you’re not bursting with happiness you haven’t found your true purpose. Please re-do the course.

I don’t buy it.

For one thing, you don’t find your life purpose by thinking.

You discover your Life Purpose by doing.

For another thing, I would be bored out of my mind of I defined one purpose for my life. I do many different things and this is what keeps me interested and excited about life.

Lastly do not believe the millions of other sites on happiness that tell you your purpose in life is to be happy.

A while ago I was sitting in the smallest room with 12 maximum security prisoners. A few of them were speaking about their childhood experiences, so bad,  that I felt horrified and nauseous. In no ways could I describe this as as a happy experience but I was certainly on purpose – a pretty good feeling.

You probably do know one or two people that seem to be living their Life Purpose. They may even tell you so. It works for them, and I’m not knocking those few people who have figured it all out and are living their purpose.

What I want to offer you in this: Stop worrying and wondering about what your purpose is.

Choose, rather, to live On Purpose.

What does it means to live on purpose? Whatever you are doing choose to give 100% to the task and focus on what you are doing.

Think about the last time you were so absorbed with a task that time passed without you even noticing. That feeling of being absorbed, of thought focused only on what you are doing, of giving your all to the task at hand is the feeling you get when you live on purpose.

What an awesome feeling it is!

How do you live On Purpose?

  1. Take more action. The more you do, the more clear you will get about the kind of things you love doing – then do more of these. Put your hand up. Jump into action.
  2. Practice mindfulness when you are working on a task. If your mind is wandering to other things, bring it back and notice what your body is experiencing as you work. Listen to your breathing. Re-focus on what you are doing.
  3. Choose to be useful as often as you can. Whatever task you are doing, become aware of the usefulness of what you are doing, how you are helping others, what difference this task will ultimately make.

When you choose to live ON purpose instead of spending your time searching for your purpose, you will discover that your life becomes more meaningful and fulfilled.

Is this not your purpose in life anyway? To live life fully and to give 100% to what you are doing?

My challenge to you: Live today and tomorrow On Purpose

The purpose of life
is not to be happy
it’s to be useful.

Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Photo from Flickr

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