Preparation prevents in-coordination

My whole life I’ve never been good at co-ordination.

I function fine  – but I do have to think before I say Left or Right!

Dancing was not my forte. Sports was never an arena for excellence. Even exercise can provide a challenge.

At school I avoided exercise at all costs, but somewhere after that I realized it was good for me. As a young woman, I joined a gym and loved the aerobics classes – even though I wasn’t much good at them. The instructor would teach us a sequence, then, when I finally got it, she would tell us to go in the opposite direction. THAT is when I kept bumping into other people and THAT is why I always stood at the back of the class.

Over the years, I’ve worked out how to manage at gym. My husband and I work with a personal instructor who is very patient with me!

This morning we were doing an exercise called “Cross-country”.  Before I start I place my arms and legs in the correct position and  then I can  manage quite easily. First,  I put my left arm forward, left leg back, right leg forward and right arm back, and then I begin.

Same with the dead bug exercise – if I get with my  arms and legs into correct position then I can do it properly.

If I start any of these exercises without thinking its a disaster and I can’t get it right …. and my personal trainer just shakes his head!

What I realized this morning, is that when I get prepared, when I get into position, then I am able to do what is needed.

It’s just like those  best practices in life that help us to be mentally prepared for the day:  meditation, prayer, quiet time, reading, planning …

Starting your day off with your own Best Practices enables you to have a more powerful day.

It’s often said when you are too busy to pray and meditate, that’s exactly when you MUST pray/ meditate!

My best practices include meditation, walking, reading and planning.

What are yours?  Why don’t you share with what works well for you?

If you are not doing any, isn’t it time to start?

“Spectacular achievement
is always preceded
by unspectacular preparation.” 
Robert H. Schuller


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