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To be significant – what does it take?

A coach of 22 years, Ronald Chapman wrote in a recent copy of Toastmaster: Nothing of significance can be born without major discomfort and disruption. Read it again! I recently asked a group of people what they thought their life … Continue reading

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Help – I’m out of control

You might think that I am going through  a mid-life crisis. You might think I’m being rather silly. You might think I’m plain ridiculous. Maybe I am. Maybe not. Almost every article I have written is about me sharing some … Continue reading

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The One gift to Give Yourself in 2014

Perhaps you have a deep yearning for a more meaningful and fulfilled life. When life gets busy, work is hectic, responsibilities are huge, you may often feel an emptiness inside and yet you are able to carry on regardless. The danger is … Continue reading

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Two more thoughts for you…

You and I have thoughts in our heads all day long – a constant, chattering stream of  thoughts. There are two distinct kinds of thoughts in our heads. The first one is random thoughts. These thoughts pop into your head, … Continue reading

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