Don’t Say No To Yourself Before They Do

 “Should I ask?” I wondered. 5580127313_e8436f8756

One thing I know, for sure, is that my father loves ice-cream. He had been through a horrendous time of surgery and recovery so when his meal was delivered I wanted to get him some ice-cream to cheer him up.

The lady who delivered the meals was in a hurry and had loads of meals to deliver.

“I can’t really ask her” I decided.

Then I remembered something I’d learnt in May this year.

So I asked.

“I’ll have to go all the way downstairs and I still have all these meals to deliver”, she grumbled.

“Oh well, I tried” I thought and promptly dismissed the possibility.

 Twenty minutes later she walked in with the ice-cream for my Dad. Yay!

That was all thanks to Ed Tate ( – he was a speaker at a conference I attended, and one of the things he spoke about was asking for things you want. So often we feel uncomfortable to ask for what we want, for various reasons – so we don’t ask.

Ed says – “Don’t say no to yourself before they do.”

I’ve been practicing ever since.

It doesn’t always work – on Friday night we went to dinner with our three kids to a local restaurant. There was a huge TV in the corner.

Now I don’t know about you, but if there is a TV on in front of me, my eyes keep drifting to it, even if I don’t want to watch. It’s so distracting and frustrating.

My kids, as kids will do, reminded me about Ed Tate. So I asked.

I got a NO. They had a good reason to keep the TV on.  The lights in the ceiling weren’t working – so the TV was providing light in the restaurant.

I didn’t win with that one. It also didn’t matter. What mattered was that I asked.

Yesterday we were at breakfast with friends, and my friend wanted something that wasn’t on the menu.

Naturally I told her about Ed Tate – so she asked. 

She had to explain exactly what she wanted – croissant with cream cheese, rocket and fried baby tomatoes – it was a meal created from different options on the menu. She got it – exactly as requested!

Don’t say no to yourself before they do.

My challenge to you:  Every time you want something during the next two weeks – ask for it. See what happens.

Let me know how it goes….

(Image by marc falardeau on Flickr)


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