Jason Mraz does it for me

She was dressed beautifully. Her face shone with passion as she spoke to us of her journey fighting cancer.  She told us one of the things that kept her going was her ‘Lift Me Up’ play list. She collected music and songs that made her feel good, and would listen to them when she was feeling down.

Although this was many years ago and I can’t remember her name, I loved the idea so recently I started a Life Mastery playlist.

What? You might ask..

This playlist contains songs with powerful, inspirational and uplifting lyrics.

Part of Life Mastery is the ability to change your emotional state when the state you are not a resourceful one. And music can help to do that…

Last week  I added some Jason  Mraz songs to my list. My favorite is called ’93 Million Miles.’

What a wonderful message in this song!

He sings about remembering his mom telling him that he’ll go far, but he can always come home. When he was young his dad had told him a similar thing. Now that he is older he has made an important discovery. This one simple sentence explains it all:

Looking deeper through the telescope
You can see that your home’s inside of you.

 Everything you need you have inside. You have all the resources you require to live a meaningful life. The treasure you are searching for is in your heart. ( This reminds me of a favourite book of mine called ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho)

So, yes, Jason Mraz  is young And sexy – but that’s not what does it for me…  Truly!

It’s his lyrics! 🙂

So… I’m a building up my collection of Life Mastery songs. If you know of a good song with powerful and meaningful lyrics, please share….

Have a great week,
Your Coach 4 Life

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    Very inspiring.

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