Nook tablets, Kindle fires, Androids and insecurities

Breaking news: Android/ Kindle fire/ Nook tablet – the latest and the greatest! New Technologies announced daily. What an exciting world we live in. How we have evolved!

Or should I say: How technology has evolved!

What about us? Have we evolved in leaps and bounds?

Time and time and time again, I sit in my coaching room, listening to gorgeous, smart and switched on young woman, who sadly speak of their insecurities and lack of confidence. What’s going on here? How is it that stunning women like this are suffering from insecurities and lack of self-esteem? How come they’re feeling depressed and anxious? They sit there telling me that all they want is to feel more confident.

We are surrounded by self-help everything. Books, blogs, and blurbs are everywhere:

  • You can create your own reality!
  • You can overcome!
  • You can have whatever you want!
  • Confidence is easy.
  • Visualize daily!
  • And more..

We’re bombarded with messages of promise and possibility. And yet, many of us feel bad every day. Many of us feel overwhelmed, like we can’t cope. We lack self-confidence  and don’t feel worthy. The knowledge is out there – everywhere – and yet we are battling to integrate it.

What’s going on? What are we missing?

From my experience working in the one-on-one space with clients, I believe the answer boils down to action.

No action – no change.

It’s so easy to read a self-help book and marvel at how useful it was, but if you don’t take some sort of action based on what you have read, nothing will change. One of the reasons coaching is so powerful, is because the client takes action – even picking up the phone to make an appointment starts the change flow. The clients who experience change are the ones who go away and DO their weekly coaching assignments – be it journaling, self- observation, record-keeping or a practice of some sort. Strange though it may sound, taking action builds confidence too…

Yes, it’s may be important to spend time choosing between the Android, Kindle fire or Nook tablet, BUT its way more important to spend time on your own evolution!

What action will you take today?


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