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Magic Motivation - from Stuck to Success in days, by Kirsten Long

"True to its title, this expert and easy-to-use book combines
wisdom, inspiration and practical guidelines in a way that really
is magical, confirming Kirsten Long's status as one of the very
best in the field."

Pnina Fenster

"Create success in your life, no matter how stuck or de-motivated you are!"

Coach4Life - To Greater Heights
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Coach4Life - To Greater Heights
Are you feeling downright depressed about your dull and dreadful life? OR … Do you just want to know how to motivate yourself? Do you feel like you could be so much more but something is holding you back? If yes, read on….

While I was quietly sipping my morning coffee the other day, I began wondering about what makes people successful. Going through some of the success stories in my practice (and some of the not-so-successful ones) I realised that one of the key ingredients to success is the ability to get up and take action, EVEN IF YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE IT. All of the goal-setting gurus out there will tell you that all it takes is a few small steps every single day and you will reach your goals. True - BUT what if you really don't feel like taking those small steps? What if you can't motivate yourself enough to get going? What if deep down you are scared to take those steps?

That's where "Magic Motivation" comes in… This 90 page workbook is packed with ideas on HOW to get going! Right from Page 1, these proven tips and exercises help you discover strategies that will help you to take the action required to create success in your life… just start reading!

Inside you'll learn how to motivate yourself no matter how stuck you feel, and no matter how hopeless your situation seems!

You'll learn…
  • It's true. Some days I wake up and don't really feel like working! I have some strategies for dealing with days like this. So can you…
  • To increase your emotional intelligence so that you CAN turn bad feelings into better feelings and better feelings into great feelings. When you're feeling good - it's much easier to do the work needed to be successful.
  • About motivation myths - the things we believe about motivation that hold us back
  • About procrastination… what is it? How to deal with it….
  • About your relationship with the world around you AND how to make that work for you
  • About your relationship with the most important person - YOU. Treat yourself right and reap the benefits
  • Many simple and practical exercises to get you going. Action creates success.
  • About how your fears stop you in your tracks and the best way to cope with fears. And it's NOT about getting rid of your fear…..
  • Direction. What's your life without it? How do you get it?
  • Can't study? Secrets to change that…
  • Have wonderful ideas, but can't put them into practice? Ways to change this….
  • Focus - find out how and when you focus effectively so that you get more done.
  • That failure is merely feedback - work with it.
  • Plus much more…

Grab Your Copy for only R100 Today and Get 3 Special Bonuses…

BONUS 1: "Perfect Balance - how to find time and energy for all aspects of life" (FREE With Motivation Magic!)
: "Journaling Joys" - A workbook on how to use a journal (FREE With Motivation Magic!)
: Interviews with Coaches sharing their thoughts on motivation… (FREE With Motivation Magic!)

I personally interviewed four coaches on Skype. I asked them various questions about motivation. In Motivation Magic you will find the links to these interviews in the chapter called "EXTRA".


The "Magic Motivation" book comes with a no-questions-asked, no-hassle 10-WEEK GUARANTEE.

 If for any reason whatsoever you decide that this workbook isn't worth the investment, just email me anytime within 70 days and I'll buy the workbook back from you, refunding every cent! On top of this - you get to keep the bonus books…

In essence, I'm taking all the risk. Read the book and improve your motivation levels, or get your money back.

It's as simple as that!


The PDF files can be viewed on any computer (PC or MAC). You can read them right on your screen, or even print out your own hard copy.

After your payment is approved, your e-books will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

Once you have the books, you'll immediately begin learning how to move from STUCK to SUCCESS!

All you have to do is click the "Order" button…
Warm regards,
Kirsten Long
Life Coach

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