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Believing is Seeing

Many years ago I met an old man with a silver beard and a poncho. He told me: Believing is seeing! I didn’t believe him. Slowly, over the years, I began to understand … I know that when a person … Continue reading

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The Little Frog

My son had been fixing up the ponds and streams in our garden. As  he was tidying up, he noticed a frog hopping along our boundary wall. “Let me rescue this little frog”,  he thought, “before the dog catches it.” … Continue reading

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Warning: too much fun kills fun

I knew March was going to be crazy. It was. Right now I’m sitting here determined that I will not eat out in another restaurant till next month. I also have a smile on my face. Why? Because my son … Continue reading

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Good from Bad

Thabo, a friend of mine, shares this story: Years ago, I landed an awesome job working as a contractor for a well-known IT company here in Johannesburg. I was going to earn a lot more money and my life was … Continue reading

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Will he ever learn? Will you?

Visiting a tiny village in the deep countryside of Mpumulanga is a little bit like being on a reality TV show – strange characters, shenanigans and whispers all make for deluxe entertainment. One of the characters pointed out to us, … Continue reading

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These are a few of my favourite things

If you know where that line came from then you’re probably as old as me! A stunning young man called Zee asked me if I would share a few of my favourite reads with him. I thought I may as … Continue reading

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Remember what happened last December?

A reminder popped up on my phone this morning. (Wonderful things reminders!) It said I should go and read my blog post from January. I wonder why? Curiosity got the better of me and so I did. Read it here. … Continue reading

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The importance of oiling the garden bench

My garden bench was almost white from sun and water damage. “Lets oil the wood.” I decided and 10 minutes later …. “Ah that looks better.” 5 minutes later I looked out and it was white again,  as if I … Continue reading

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How to shift from destructive fear to constructive vulnerability

Thank goodness for our reptilian brain! It keeps us alive. When we are in danger the reptilian part of our brain is activated and we respond (without logic) by fleeing, freezing of fighting. I certainly appreciated this aspect of my … Continue reading

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The darker side of “Just in Case”

When I was young our family was devastated by the death of my sister. Watching the pain my parents went through was almost unbearable. One of the strange decisions I came to eventually was this: I would have lots of … Continue reading

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