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I am grateful…

I am grateful for…. A husband who knows me better than anyone else on this planet… And still loves me. Three kids who are thriving far away at University ( without me … Well, that’s not SO nice of them… … Continue reading

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Crush Communication Complications in 4 Steps

Crush Communication Complications Have you ever said something small and trivial to someone and they reacted furiously? As they stormed out the door, you wondered what was wrong with them? You somehow pushed their buttons and you’ve no idea why. … Continue reading

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Is it possible NOT to judge?

The answer is NO. It is impossible not to judge. We do it unconsciously all day every day. The process is instantaneous and usually unconscious. We are not even aware that we are judging. Let’s look at how this happens: … Continue reading

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How to shift from self-criticism to self-analysis

I do it from time to time. You probably do it from time to time. We all do it from time to time. Indulge in self-criticism. It’s not serving you nor I very well. Self-criticism tends to be destructive. A … Continue reading

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Long’s Suggestions for Long-Lasting Relationships

Long-lasting relationships are the stuff of fairy-tales. Married-ever after! This is how the fairy-tale ends and no thought is given to the years that follow and to HOW you actually manage this. I did a speech at Toastmasters the other … Continue reading

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Warning: Assassination Ruins Relationships

Relationships Die One Sentence at a Time. When you are unhappy about something your partner does the words that come out of your mouth are crucial. Look at the difference between these two sentences: “I don’t like it when you … Continue reading

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13 Sailing Lessons for Ladies

Sailing the Adriatic Sea was an awesome adventure. In honour of Woman’s Day I thought I’d share some lessons  learnt – from a woman’s perspective. Sailing Lessons for Ladies 1. Take an experienced sailor with you. Look, if you go … Continue reading

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Something’s Gotta Give

The stories you tell yourself about yourself have the ultimate impact on the way your life unfolds. The movie Something’s Gotta Give illustrates this so beautifully. Harry (Jack Nicholson) is a perennial bachelor who only dates women under thirty. Erica … Continue reading

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Perspectives from Prison

I’ve always worried about whether I should tell my story to the prisoners that I work with, or not. The team leader is adamant that I must. And so I do. Last week I realized the value of sharing this … Continue reading

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How long are you going to tolerate this?

I’d had enough. This was two years ago.  I could no longer put up with a messy bathroom. So I got stuck in on Saturday  emptied the cupboards, threw away old medicine and cosmetics, sorted and cleaned. Then I visited … Continue reading

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