Warning: huge losses due to busyness

id-10034823What I read this morning led me to answer a question in my journal, and this sparked an awful realization for me.

My busyness could be an issue.

One of my closest and dearest friends often calls me “Busy Bee’. I believe its a term of endearment. I hope. I do tend to be busy, often feeling frantic because there is so much to do.

This morning I spent some time reading and writing in my journal.

The book I am reading is called “Success Intelligence” by Robert Holden.  The first chapter is all about busyness – it’s quite an eye-opening read. At the end of the chapter he includes a “Busyness audit” – naturally I decided to do it on myself.

The first question was not pleasant.

What do I lose when I am permanently busy?

I’m not sure I liked my answers, but one has to be truthful when doing these exercises, don’t you agree? Here they are, in the order they came up for me.

The awareness of what I am losing by being permanently busy has emphasized the need to continue with my morning practice mentioned in the last post.

How often do you tell people you are so busy? That things are so hectic? That you don’t have enough hours in the day? That you’re so tired? You need to sleep more? (another friends told me she needs to sleep more just this morning – you know who you are!)

Perhaps you are suffering from permanent busyness?

Take a quiet moment to reflect and answer this question: What do you lose when you  are permanently busy?

“I am too busy not to pray”
Charles Wesley

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