Bleah days and a 7 step strategy to fix them

9607389739_9b73dd2055_zI had an appalling day the other day.

For a change  I had no appointments or meetings. I looked forward to a day of “getting lots done”.

What happened?

I was unmotivated, distracted, got nothing of significance done. I procrastinated. I checked my emails 100 times too often.

The worst was, that I felt dreadful by the end of the day.

Have you ever felt like that? Perhaps not?

For those who have had a bleah day or two, here’s what I did to get my mind right. That’s the main thing, isn’t it?

Getting your mind right.

In his book “Getting Things Done”, David Allen explains that when something is on your mind that you should/ have or even want to do, then your mind is not clear. You are carrying that thing. That thing is controlling you.

And when you have a bleah day like I had, your head is full of stuff that you should be doing, then you distract yourself by checking emails, AGAIN, then you feel bad and the process repeats itself over and over.

You may be wondering at this stage, “How did Kirsten get herself to write this blog when she’s feeling so bad?”

I journalled.

In my journal, I hauled out all the tools and techniques that I have learnt from books and teachers over the years. I built a strategy. As I went to sleep I told myself to prepare for a great day.

Here’s the strategy:

  1. Ask: What do I need to do/ have to work in a focused manner for 90 minutes?
  2. Give yourself 10 minutes to do that. Mine was to tidy my desk, get the books I wanted and to feed the birds. I wanted coffee, but decided it would be a good reward for 90 minutes of solid work.
  3. Play uplifting songs during those 10 minutes. I have a playlist ready. DO NOT distract yourself by taking 47 minutes to make a playlist!!!
  4. Shift my body. I walked around for 60 seconds, up straight, head tilted up, moving arms about, stretching, loosening shoulders.
  5. Mental preparation: say to yourself: I choose to do this. I want to finish this. I know it will feel great when I am done.
  6. Set the timer for 90 minutes.
  7. GO!

And I did… It feels great!

Here’s a challenge to you:

Build a strategy to overcome your bleah days, share what works for you in a comment.

Let’s learn from each other.

GO NOW – Do what you CHOOSE to do and DO it WELL!

When you find yourself in a hole,
stop digging

Will Rogers


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2 Responses to Bleah days and a 7 step strategy to fix them

  1. Olaf says:

    One big help is having a list of things to do, not necessarily in strict order, but the kind of things you know would be beneficial or satisfying. The really important thing is NOT to pressure yourself by making all of them important; it is OK to let some of them wait until another day, or not be finished right now. More is nog ‘n dag, ek sê! I believe we put too much pressure on ourselves to keep performing, even when there is nothing to be gained by it. How about simply CHILLING when you have a day when you don’t have to prove anything?

    • Kirsten Long says:

      Hi Olaf,

      I love your idea of just chilling when you have a day when you don’t have to prove anything. One of the things I’ve found so difficult, and one that I am getting better and better at, is giving myself permission to just chill every now and again. When I tell myself it’s OK to do, then the benefits are great.

      thanks for sharing!!

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