Long’s Suggestions for Long-Lasting Relationships

Long-lasting relationships are the stuff of fairy-tales. Married-ever after! This is how the fairy-tale ends and no thought is given to the years that follow and to HOW you actually manage this.

I did a speech at Toastmasters the other day giving some suggestions for long-lasting relationships. Some background about the speech: I entered the speech in a club humorous contest. Because my surname is Long and we’ve been married a long time I decided to bring the humour in by using the word LONG is as many ways as possible. Despite the humour, the underlying message is serious.



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Coach. Toastmaster. Prison-worker. Wife. Mother. Friend.
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7 Responses to Long’s Suggestions for Long-Lasting Relationships

  1. Sharon says:

    Thanks Kirsten, this is brilliant and brief but very empowering.

  2. Masego says:

    Nice one. My relationship needs a kick in the butt & your points are short, succinct & easy. Here’s to our LONG lasting relationship. Thanks Kirsten

  3. Sinazo says:

    I really enjoyed that not so long speech! very insightful. thanks Kirsten

  4. Clare says:

    my goodness you are brilliant! and so funny!

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