The Big “F” Word

6321349925_8026e8f313_zHave you ever been tempted to blame your past for your current status?

Its such an easy trap to fall into. Yet, it dis-empowers.

One way to get around this is to look to others who have managed to overcome disastrous childhoods and to learn how they did it.

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This story by Meryl  is more inspiring than most.

I am really excited to introduce you to a most inspiring person. She has given me permission to share her story. Meryl gave a speech at Toastmasters about her life’s journey entitled “The Big F Word”

Despite her childhood she is plain awesome.

Thanks you so much to Meryl for giving me permission to share her story – and for the wisdom offered in the three steps to overcome a lousy childhood.

We are honored, we are inspired and we are privileged to hear your story.

 I knew that if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind,

I would still be in prison.

Nelson Mandela



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  1. Kirsten Long says:

    An email from one of my readers demonstrates what a difference is made when one takes responsibility for oneself:

    Dear Kirsten

    Thanks for sharing this amazing story and many others in the past.

    I also learnt that happiness is a choice and it is my responsibility to make sure that I am happy no matter what circumstances I am in.

    I have learnt that I never wanted to take responsibility for the choices I made in my life.

    I am now so fulfilled that now whatever decision I make I now take responsibility because I used to yes even if I had to say no.

    I dealt with every wrong decision I made in a negative way until now old as I am I realised that God has been good to me and everything that I went through in life I now lough loud because I have people around me and I am being loved and appreciated.

    The other mistake I made I took my father as the best thing that has happened to me and he passed on when I was six years and every time something negative happened in my life or took a wrong turn I wished he was there. I felt like if he was there I would never have done this and that because he was more stronger.

    I have now forgiven myself and ready to maximise my potential.

    Everyone has a potential in life whether married or not , educated or not educated.

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