The One gift to Give Yourself in 2014

Time For ChangePerhaps you have a deep yearning for a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

When life gets busy, work is hectic, responsibilities are huge, you may often feel an emptiness inside and yet you are able to carry on regardless.

The danger is this is exactly how people end up on their deathbeds regretting that they did not make more of their lives.

In the last blog post, I spoke about what fulfilment is NOT.

Today, let’s look at how to begin the shift towards a more fulfilled life.

First Step:  Give yourself the gift of self-reflection.

There is no way you can become more fulfilled if you do not make the time to get to know yourself. After all, how will you know what kinds of experiences and activities fulfil you?

If everyone knew this, fulfilment would not be an issue in so many lives.

Will you commit to doing this?

If YES, read on…

Here is an exercise to start you on the journey.

In this exercise you will access the wisdom of your future self.

PART 1: Create some time where you can work by yourself without interruptions. Become calm and relaxed. You may want to meditate or listen to peaceful music, perhaps even light a candle. You need to be able to write.

Imagine that it is 20 years from now. Your Future Self is living a meaningful and fulfilled life. This person is satisfied and happy and deals effectively with the issues that life presents. Your Future Self has been on a twenty year journey – an awesome and successful journey. He/she has learnt much, does not worry about what others think, lives intentionally and authentically.

When you have a good sense of your Future Self, write a letter to him/ her. (You may even give them a name.) Tell your future self about where you are in life (your Present Self), the difficulties you are having and what it is that you want. Ask questions.

Write until you feel complete.

Take a break for a few days.

Part 2: Prepare yourself as you did in Part 1 – becoming calm and relaxed and getting  good sense of your future self.

Now imagine that you are your Future Self and reply to the letter your Present Self wrote. If you can, write in a different colour, and even with your other hand. Don’t think to hard. Just write whatever comes to mind. Comment on what your Present Self had to say and answer all the questions.

Take a break for a few days.

Part 3: As before, become calm and relaxed. Read the response from your Future Self. Write a list of actions to take. Commit to doing them.

Repeat this exercise every few months.

Hope you will join me on a journey to fulfilment in 2014!

It is not in the pursuit of happiness that we find fulfilment,

it is in the happiness of pursuit.

Denis Waitley







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