Stress Busters from YOU!

Here are some stress busting ideas from some of my followers.

Thanks for sharing. I know there’s wisdom out there amongst my followers and subscribers. This way we’ll all learn.

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Dear Kirsten,

Very briefly, my Top Stress Busting Tips:

  1. Five-minute meditation.
  2. Breathing. There is a special technique. It is called Pranayaam. I will describe it on a separate e mail.
  3. Waking up at 4:00 a.m., drinking 4 glasses of water, breathing, meditating, thereafter going out for a walk.
  4. Yoga.

Kind regards, Vasudev Popatlal

Hi Kirsten
My tip would be meditation along with prayer and faith. It works every single time.

Sophia Ramautar

I feel that no matter how difficult a situation, it inadvertently builds stress – my handling mechanism is as follows :

  • Assess what actually is stressful (practical or emotional) – take a strong focus into dealing with what you have/do for that moment (present) as this inevitably will dictate your future.
  • Do not dwell into the past as these weave into the present  – Negate the past as nothing can/will change it regardless of time and effort.
  • Do not concentrate/focus on the future as the present will eventually take its course and embrace the future.

However, the best result will always be a successful future.

Kind Regards,  Delaine Manuel

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