Your deepest desires for 2013

These are the deepest desires for 2013 from some of my followers.

See if you can find yours (or add yours to the comments below). If you sent yours and I missed it, please let me know and I’ll add it on.


Sometimes putting our deepest desires out there is all it takes.

A special lady sent in this deepest desire which echoes my deepest desire for 2013 (Thanks!):

My deepest desire for 2013 is to not take life so seriously –

to laugh and play more.

Here are the others:

Hah – I would like to see myself as a motivational Financial business woman who in turn can be actively involved with the younger generation. The reason for targeting the youngsters is to empower, grow and mold them into successful individuals no matter the milestones……….(Delaine Manuel)

To work (complete training) on becoming a life coach. And to travel overseas with my hubby! And to get a new job!!!

To find a passion and figure out how to make it into a career.

Make Fig Tree Bay renowned! (at Sloane Square)

To be fit!

I’d really love a stress-free year.  No more accidents, illnesses, dramas ……….

To be able to be myself and accept myself fully.

To bring into this world a bouncing,healthy baby boy.Just 5 weeks to go before I meet this special gift in my life.

To complete my masters research with a distinction

To establish my own small business

I am so afraid of driving although I drive almost every day, but I cannot get rid of that scary feeling. Long distances is even worse.  I don’t drive long distance at all. My deepest desire for 2013 would be to drive without that scary feeling and with a bit of speed.

To be in love in 2013.

To prioritize better and do what I should. There are so many things requiring priority attention like work (and work and work), and then my personal preference for socialising over weekends also is not conducive to finishing the degree… add to that the demands of family and home and community.

My deepest desire is to start my own blog and stop delaying the process. (Alton Fortuin)

To find equilibrium within myself

To have peace of mind

To find a real job in my field and move forward with my boyfriend

To see a project that I have been busy with for the past year to be a reality.

To Finally get My license,Continue with my studies and Finally to be Happily in Love

To become financially fit

To complete my DTM (Distinguished Toast Master) and I will do so by again attending Toastmasters and presenting speeches.

To know why I am forced to put up with a certain person that I don’t like and who I do not wish to socialise with but because of the relationship I am in I am forced to do so. There must be a life lesson here somewhere

To see my DREAM physically and not only in my ViSiON

A new Job and House

My daughter’s disability miraculously disappears

A better job and a better love life, get married maybe?

I want to find meaning in life. I currently see no point in being alive despite the good things I have going for me.

To stay happy with the new man in my life and my 3 kids!

My deepest desire is for my little business to be so successful that I can focus on it full time.  Therefore my desire is to be my own boss.

To be REALLY HAPPY (not just ok)

To be working for my self

I want my 27 year old son to get onto the right path and live a decent life.

  1. To ensure that my mother is well and in good spirits.
  2. To ensure total, not partial, harmony and peace among mankind.
  3. To see “Peace and Plenty” in the world.
  4. To be spiritually, mentally and physically connected with God throughout my life.

To Live my life to the fullest, being happy and healthy!!!

To move into a new house; To climb mount Kilimanjaro; To start a side hustle in Catering on week-ends

To put myself in a better financial position by the end of 2013.

To feel the greatest joy every moment I am awake (and in my dreams too)

More peace, wisdom & discernment; deeper commitment to GOD, improve my planning and discipline, set aside more me time,  positive thoughts……

To become financially freee and independent J

That I can reunite my family members and enjoy a good old fashioned Sunday Lunch together.

To live in Mossel Bay!

Love, wealth and health. I shall then have happiness

My deepest desire is to complete the intensive course of Montessori Education which I have registered for. I have the motivation at 50 yrs, which I am highly grateful for. Being an unsupported single parent, financial circumstances and my life purpose jerked me into changing direction of career. I want to go from SURVIVING to THRIVING. (love that!!)

To have lunch with my best friend more often

To be up to date with debt payments.

I want good health, financial freedom & to be happy.

Strive to have enough and be happy with enough. Enough time, enough money, enough friends, enough food

That all my realistic goals are achieved for once .

  • A stable Government
  • Leaders for this country with integrity and honesty
  • A nation living with no fear
  • Safety and a future for SA

To move in to a new house and a new car. Change is what I really need…

In some way no matter how small to make the world a better place.

That my son will be healed from his drug addiction and be able to live a normal life and that the relationship between him and his father can be restored.

A  government who is prepared to do the right thing so I don’t need to splinter my energies deciding which country I should move to? I can then focus on continuing to build a life here…To start my own blog and stop delaying the process.

Reaching my goals in health, fitness, studying, career, and going on much-needed holiday breaks!

To clear all the clutter from my life.

Starting up a new career in the field I love the most. And not secondly, finding a partner who’s a good companion at the same time.

Sometimes our light goes out

but is blown into flame by another human being.

Each of us owes deepest thanks

to those who have rekindled this light.

Albert Schweitzer

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  2. Trevor says:

    southafricantoolshop.comTo fight the good fight, (i.e. win in my inner struggles) so I can maximize my potential, in order to make a difference in the lives of those in my sphere of influence. To Help Parent’s to Effectively Parent.

  3. lorato says:

    To pass my exams n no procrastination towards my career.

  4. Alton says:

    Kirsten thanks for a thoughtful 2012 and may you and your family have a splended Christmas year

  5. Alton says:

    Thanks Kirsten for your word of motivation for 2012 I enjoy every thought that pop up on my mail and all the stories you posted on your blog moved me. MAY God bless you and your family with many more years to come. Take care because today i hit the long warm road to my homeland…smilling

    • Kirsten says:

      Hey Alton, I’ve probably missed you – but hope you have a safe trip and a wonderful Christmas and fulfilling 2013. Thanks for the words of affirmation!

  6. Stephan says:

    I just want my hopes and dreams back..and my broken spirit fixed.

    • Kirsten says:

      Thanks Stephan. It sounds like you have had a difficult year. Sometimes life sends us difficult things to deal with, doesn’t it? Humans are resilient by nature and so I believe broken spirits can be fixed. Say this to yourself often “This too shall pass”. Surround yourself by positive and supportive people and ask for help when you need it. Take care, and may 2013 bring you what you need.

  7. poe says:

    To be enough. Enough for myself…to not need someone else to make me whole.

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