How resourceful is your way of being in the world?

How resourceful is your way of being in the world?

You have developed a habitual way of being in the world. This is your way of coping and dealing with your life. Some people have a more effective way of being in the world than others.

Look at it like this: your life flows along quite happily until an event happens that interrupts this flow. How you handle this interruption has a direct impact on your overall happiness and contentment.

Some interruptions are minor – like spilling your coffee.

Some interruptions are major – like discovering a serious illness.

Interruptions can be welcome – like getting promoted.

Interruptions can be unwelcome – like getting retrenched.

It helps to realize that interruptions will happen – on a regular basis. And it’s how you deal with them that makes a difference to your overall wellbeing.

Life mastery is about dealing effectively with these interruptions. It’s a life-long journey where you are always learning – about yourself, about your way of being in the world and about how to transform your way of being in the world when necessary.

There are two different aspects to life-mastery:

  1. Self-authoring is re-shaping your way of being in the face of difficulties. For example – when I am upset I get into a state of high-anxiety. This way of being does not serve me well, because I become very distracted and lack focus. I have learnt over time (and I am by no means an expert at this) that taking 10-15 minutes in the mornings for quiet reflection helps to ground me. If I do this on a regular basis, I focus and work much more effectively.
  2. Self-transformation involves self-authoring – it is a fundamental change in your way of being. It could be moving from a dominant mood of resentment to one of acceptance OR moving from a dominant mood of resignation to one of ambition. Self-transformation is consciously changing your fundamental way of being in the world, to a more resourceful way of being in the world.

Self-transformation is a big shift and takes place over time as you learn about yourself and grow in awareness about yourself. Self-authoring is about making small changes on a daily basis that allow you to live more effectively. Self-authoring contributes to your self-transformation.

This then is the journey of self-mastery…

It is about finding your most resourceful way of being in the world and constantly making small changes that move you closer to this resourcefulness.

I invite you to begin your journey today with a moment of quiet reflection:

  •  What is going on for you right now in your thoughts?
  •  What is going on for you right now in your emotions?
  •  What is going on right now for you in your physiology (Your body)?

Look at what is going on for you and decide on a small change that you can take today which will allow your life to flow more easily. Commit to making that change.

Self-mastery begins with reflection and action… Start today and enjoy the journey.

 “Happiness is when what you think, what you say,

and what you do are in harmony.” Mahatma Gandhi


Kirsten Long
Your Coach 4 Life

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