5 Ways to Nurture The Greatest Gift of All

Imagine Life Without Imagination…

It is impossible to do, isn’t it?

Imagination is one of our greatest gifts.

Imagination gives us our dreams, our ideas, and our hopes. Imagination releases our creativity and creates possibilities.

Look around you – everything you see started with some imagination.

If you do some research, you will find loads of articles on how to nurture imagination in children.

BUT what about adults?

Today a young client of mine was telling me about a dilemma he faced. After talking around the issue for awhile, I asked him what his options were.

“There are none”, he said and my insides cried. His imagination was totally dulled.

Imagination doesn’t have to be left behind in childhood. It is the greatest tool of all and deserves pride of place in our life mastery toolkit.

Think about the things that are impossible without imagination:

  • keeping the romance alive in a long-term marriage
  • solving a problem
  • goal-setting
  • planning a party
  • implementing a project at work
  • praying
  • creating a life you’d never want to change

This list only ended because I decided that was enough. BUT it is actually endless.

Children are often told to stop day-dreaming at school. As adults we look for  ways to improve our focus so that we are not distracted. We desperately try to control our thoughts and stop them from going places.

Get good at focus and discipline and your imagination dies.

You don’t want that…. imagination is the greatest gift of all, and like all gifts, if you don’t use it, you loose it.

So how does an adult nurture imagination without losing credibility in the workplace?

  1. Give yourself permission to day-dream every day for 5 minutes/ 10 minutes
  2. Use a journal! Writing (especially if you are the only one to see it) is a great way to get the imagination going. Write about  your perfect day OR your life in 10 years OR how you can improve your relationships OR …
  3. Throw out any beliefs you have like “Life is serious’ or “Imagination is for kids” or “I must be realistic and focused at all times”. Lighten up.
  4. Once a week do something that knocks your routine. Get dressed in a different order. Drive to work a different way. Do something you haven’t done before. Eat bacon and eggs for supper. Brush your teeth with a different hand.
  5. Practice with small problems: next time you have a small problem in your life, write down at least 20 different ways you could solve it. Don’t edit yourself – just allow the ideas to flow. Write them down no matter if they are good or bad ideas. Then sleep on it. Look at what you have written with fresh eyes and choose a solution that is different to your usual way of dealing with things. Try it out.

Develop your curiosity about all things, and give your imagination permission to come out and play. Often.

“Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?” – Sun Tzu

Kirsten Long
Your Coach 4 Life

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