3 Easy Steps to Living a Terrible Life.

Imagine there’s a life – your life. This life of yours has  10 great things about it, and 10 terrible things about it.

Let’s say you wake up in the morning and you think about those 10 terrible things – as you get ready for work, as you drive in your car, and as you sip your steaming mug of coffee – You’re thinking about those 10 terrible things.

Later you meet a friend for lunch and you talk about those ten terrible things. You discuss them in great detail – how they got there, why they are there, and how there’s nothing you can really do about them.

You get home from work and you’re feeling a bit low. (Imagine that!) Ah, you think – Oprah says I should journal  – so you write for an hour all about your terrible life and especially those ten terrible things.

Your mom calls, and you spend the call compaining about those 10 terrible things. (Poor Mom)

Strange, but now you’re feeling downright miserable.

You end up fighting with your partner who accuses you of always being miserable.  He doesn’t really feel like spending time with a miserable person so he goes out. Suddenly the ten terrible things became 11 terrible things. Your feel downright depressed because nothing EVER goes your way.

You spend the night on your own feeling unloved, unworthy and unhappy.

What’s Going On Here??

Your life is miserable because you took those 3 easy steps to living a terrible life!

You thought about the ten terrible things all day.

You spoke about the ten terrible things most of the day.

You wrote about the ten terrible things too.

And so – your reality became terrible…

***   It’s as simple as that!  ***

(PS remember I said the life had 10 terrible things and 10 great things….. What if you took those same three steps with the great things?)

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8 Responses to 3 Easy Steps to Living a Terrible Life.

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  3. farouk says:

    that’s so true
    i strongly believe we create our reality
    thanks for the post : )

  4. Dot Braz says:

    What you focus on expands! I’d rather have the focus on the 10 great things and have my thoughts consumed with that.

    • Kirsten says:

      It makes the hugest difference to your life if you focus on what right and what’s working…. Apart from anything else, you’ll just feel happier!

  5. Jessica says:

    Past weekend I felt like counting those 10 terrible things.Instead I counted the 10 great things.I 100% agree with you,it has made a great difference in my approach to challenges at work…I am laughing more.The pain is there and I accept it but I’m alive…all is well+nothing can be too ill.Thank you!

  6. Rushni Safter says:

    You’re amazing!!! X x x

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