Two more thoughts for you…

You and I have thoughts in our heads all day long – a constant, chattering stream of  thoughts.

There are two distinct kinds of thoughts in our heads.

The first one is random thoughts. These thoughts pop into your head, seemingly of their own accord.

Think about when you are alone moving through the traffic. Your head will visit the most amazing places, jumping from one idea or scenario to the next, often without any obvious logic.

The second types of thought are the ones you purposely put into your head.

You are quite capable of deciding what you are going to think about, and then think about it.

When you are problem solving, or thinking about what to cook this evening or creating something you are purposely thinking those thoughts.

When you are concentrating on something you are guiding your thoughts to focus on a particular topic.

Your ability to have these two different kinds of thoughts can be used to your advantage.

When you allow yourself to think randomly and unchecked, you will often come up with amazing ideas (which you should immediately make a note of!) and possibilities.

There is also a danger to random thoughts – sometimes your thoughts can go down negative and destructive paths – you might, like me, imagine situations when you are hurt, or attacked or loose someone close.

As soon as you become aware that you are indulging in these kinds of random thoughts, STOP.

I say to myself, “Enough of that!”

Now focus your thoughts on something more constructive.

It’s not a good idea to wallow in destructive thoughts because you will feel bad and your emotions, posture and behaviours will be affected negatively.

Of course, thinking random and creative thoughts of possibility also affect your emotions, posture and behaviour, but in a positive way.

Allow and use your ability to think random thoughts – as long as it’s constructive, you will find a wealth of creative idea in this pastime.

Thoughts on purpose are hugely powerful.

Some of the ways these kinds of thinking expresses itself is in problem solving, creative idea generating and visualizing. It is a wonderful skill to develop.

You have already used it many times in your life, like answering emails for instance. But are you using it so that you can harness its great power?

One way of doing this is to visualize for 4-5 minutes at the start of every day. Run a movie through your mind of the exciting, compelling future that you are working toward. Bring in all the senses and above all, feel the excitement of living that dream. The power of daily visualizing results in you taking action in the direction of your dreams.

Thoughts occur before anything in your life is manifested.

Use them wisely.

Random thoughts bring creative ideas.

Purposeful thoughts put those ideas into action.

Think, create and experience your best life!

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