Work on yourself

If your relationship is not working, the very best thing you can do is work on yourself.

Forget about your partner.

Examine your own

  • self beliefs,
  • attitudes and
  • behaviors

Start changing the ones that are not serving you or your relationship.

You will be amazed at how your partner changes when you start changing!

About Kirsten Long

Coach. Toastmaster. Prison-worker. Wife. Mother. Friend.
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3 Responses to Work on yourself

  1. Abrie Jurgens says:

    I can only control myself. I can not control other people. All I can do is choose work at the relationship (by working on myself) or not to. What do you choose?

    • kirsten says:

      Even if your partner is ‘impossible’, you cannot change him/her. The only thing you can do is change something you are being/doing. This ties in with Abrie’s comment. How can you be the change that you desire?

  2. Erich Viedge says:

    That’s all very well. But what if my partner really is impossible? 😉

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